Very learning, much smart, so motivation

GPIO? Python? Breadboard? Resistor?

Are you interested in learning about cool things such as Python, resistors and how to build a robot? Good news, you don’t have to read a stack of textbooks to get started. Just pick-up a Raspberry Pi (a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your monitor/TV), some components and commence the awesome (fun fact: a breadboard has nothing to do with bread).

I recently purchased the CamJam EduKit 1 - Starter kit, it was only ~$8 AUD + shipping from ThePiHut. It comes with all the parts you need to start making cool things (it comes with LEDs, jumper cables, a breadboard etc). The kit provides a gentle and easy introduction into the fun world of writing code with Python and building electronic circuits (the folks at CamJam supply excellent worksheets/guides/learning material). There are other kits out there; just ensure that your kit comes with first-rate guides and instructions.

Within one hour I was able to supply power to three LEDs using my Raspberry Pi and parts from the starter kit! Yay!

Green Yellow and Red LEDs

Here is a video on loop that demonstrates me turning the LEDs on and then off.


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